Kelly Beane:
Washington, United States
Wife and mother of four.

In my early 40’s I decided to become a backpacker.
I set a goal of doing part of the Appalachian Trail when I hit 50.
It had a perfect ring to it:

50 Days, 500 Miles, and 5 States When I Turn 50

…and sure, I was a mess those first couple years trying to prepare myself for the big trip, but after a lot of crazy local hiking adventures here in the Pacific Northwest, things started to click.

Before I knew it, 8 years had past, and it was time to embark on the 50 days, after all those years of just dreaming.
Oh how little did I know of what was in store for me…

Well, I’m back now from accomplishing my 500 miles, (which I wrote a book about you can purchase here for just $5.55! Book on Amazon) and more aware than ever that I may well be the slowest hiker… but that’s okay, because I’ve learned that putting one foot in front of the other is all that really matters in the end.


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